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This post is for threading with Zuko anytime and anywhere. It can be used for Action or the Ring feature on journals (voice or written) to get in contact with him for personal conversations. This will be used primarily for 'placement' threads such as: someone left a present or 'by the way, come to this party on such-and-such' or the like.

Note: When making a new thread, please title it like such:

[Action/Voice/Written, Date]


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Got criticism? Plot? Praise? Lay 'em on here. I can also be contacted via PM to this journal and my contact information is listed in the game's info pages.

Anon on, screening on.

Thank you~


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[The journal flips open rather abruptly; whether the broadcast is accidental or not is anyone's guess.]

I'm sick of snow. Can winter be over yet?


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[Boredom sucks. Zuko would just like everyone out there to know that.]

Anyone have any job openings or something? I'm willing to take on just about anything.

[Zuko can be found out and about all over town today; he'll spend most of his time in the Item Shop and will pop into the tea shop, out of sheer curiosity. He'll be in the library for a good while, as well, perusing whatever books catch his fancy.]

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[[ooc;; slightly back-dated to afternoon on the 26th]]

[It's like waking up to find that what he thought was a horrible dream... really wasn't a dream. He had been a complete idiot. He's lucky he wasn't kicked out of the house. He opens the journal, intent on saying something at least halfway intelligent, and ends up just staring at the damned thing.



He snorts, frustrated.]

This is idiotic. [He taps his finger against the journal for a moment, then says abruptly:] Look, I didn't mean to burn up the house.

[Also, he's sorry for being an idiot and he's embarrassed as anything else but...

... he's not saying it. He slams the journal shut and takes off for first the bakery, then the lake. It's been a very long time since he's simply sat at the edge of the water and enjoyed the presence of whatever wildlife comes in his direction. Before long, he's idly feeding ducks small pieces of bread.]

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[It... sounds like Zuko. Kind of. The picture is of Zuko. The voice is decidedly... whinier. A bit more nasal. Something. And the pep talk he's giving himself? It never really stops; it's fairly obvious the video is accidental.]

This is absolutely ridiculous. I am no one's doormat. You can't push me around. Around and around and around. It's all get, is pushed around. Not gonna let it happen anymore. I'm Zuko, prince of--

[Crash. He's Zuko, prince of tripping over branches.]

... Oh, for the love of... This is ridiculous. Why? Why always me? Why am I the--

[Thud. Yeah, you guessed it.]

I give up.

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[[ooc; Forward-dated (for my time zone, at least) to sunrise-ish Sunday morning.]]

[Zuko is outside of the house this morning, but not far. In fact, he's doing forms practically in the backyard. It maybe overcast, but Zuko's habit is practicing in the morning and, rain or shine (or clouds or sun), he'll be out running through forms before heading out to face the day.

It's not long before those forms turn to actual fighting.

In vain, of course, because the Malnosso's robots seem immune to fire -- or anything else Zuko can throw at them in the limited time he has. It's only moments before he's taken away.]

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[It's fairly obvious that whoever is holding this journal has absolutely no clue how to use it. The sound is muted at first, the journal is held awkwardly, and he's not talking to anyone but himself.]

I don't even know what this is. ...Besides a book. I got that much. It's a book. It talks. It has my name on in.

[A beat.] Why are you so amazingly unhelpful, book?

[And the poor much-abused journal is thrown. After a few moments, there's a wordless groan of frustration and the feed jerks sharply as the book is snagged once again.] I don't even know what to do with-

[Oh, look. Zuko's figured out that it's recording. Blink, blink.

Which, of course, means he closes the damn thing. (And compulsively checks it at least every ninety seconds or so. Just in case.)

Zuko will eventually make his way to town. Maybe. If he doesn't get completely sidetracked by touching his wings. He's not wandering, really. He's just walking without much direction as he pokes around the edges of town.]

[ooc; tags may be somewhat sporadic and/or slow for the time being. Do have patience?]

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